Send files

The first thing to do is open your "Settings" in your iPad and turn the Bluetooth on.

All the pictures and setlists will be sending by Bluetooth.
That's why you have to turn the Bluetooth on.

You and your friends must have done exactly the same spelled Band Folders.

In All My Songs under
the hatch you will find the "Send files" button.
Click it!


It will open this page:
(Only the top part is shown here).

Send Setlists

1. You and your friends start to push the "BT Connect" button.
2. Then you select the "Select band".
3. Select the set list you want to send.
4. Here you can see that you have done a set list in the "Select set" number.
5. Push the "Send Setlist!" button.
6. Here you will see the word sending and receiving.

At the same time your friend will se the set-list in Nr. 4.

Now, a typical problem, probably occur to your friend.
You two have not spelled your song name in the same way.
If you spell your song "My song.jpg" and your friend "my song.jpg" or
"MY SONG.jpg" it wont work.
The program is case-sensitive.
So your friend have to go to the "Set-list" and check all his songs,
and delete the wrong one and add a new one.

How to send images (songs) to another iPad.

Send Songs

1. Here you select the band.
2. Here you select if your friend want the song in another Band folder.
3. Here you select the song and when you push the one you will send it.
4. It will tell you and your friend if the picture is Sending or Receiving.
5. It show you that you are sending and your friend see if he receiving.

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