You can prepare up to 9 set-list at home or before your gig.

There's a blank line you can use between the songs and the last songs.

Normally you know the best songs you start and end with.

You can move the blank line where you want it.
You will find it at the bottom of all your songs. in the set list.

When you are done with your set-list, you must delete the blank line.

Otherwise, application freeze when you select, that does not exist.
Blank line is nothing more than a blank line.

If the app freeze push the upper big button and select a song from the upper song list.
Locate the wrong song in the set list and delete it.

Then add the new song from the upper list.

You can then send your set-lists to other iPads.

It's important that you and the others have spelled it right of your band name.
E.g. My band is called "The Band" and I spell it like this, can no other band members spell "the Band" or "The BAND".

Then once you received a set-list from a friend, you must go through the list, because your friend might have spelled one or more songs differently.

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