When you start All My Songs for the first time, there is nothing there.
It's like an empty binder. You must fill it with something.
You need some folders where to store your scores and texts.


Select the "New Band" button in your iPad, and enter your name or your band's name. Do not use "Å, Ä, Ö" and similar letters. Just the English alphabet.


If you have lots of different styles, you can think that "New Band" button
can be called "New Styles" and "Select Band" can be "Select Styles".
You don't need to write just a name of your self or a band name.
You can write different styles or genres instead like:
Jazz, Classic, Big Band, Pop, Waltz, Child songs etc. If you write e.g. Jazz under the "New Band" button it will create, automatically,
one "Jazz" folder for your lyrics and one "Jazz" folder for your mp3's.

There are three ways to fill those folders with your lyrics and music scores.

1. Prepare all lyrics, scores in your computer and upload them to your iPad.
You need a program to get your pictures in right sizes, resolution and format.
Width 768 pixels, height 1024 pixels, resolution 72 dpi and JPEG format.
A good, free, upload programs for your compute are iFunBox.
Download it to your computer from: iFunBox.

2. Scan your papers (take a photo) directly into your iPad with the built in scanner.
The sizes, resolution and format will be correct.
You need good light and a steady hand to scan.

3. Use the built in text editor.
The sizes, resolution and format will be correct.