Now if you want to use iFunBox, start by first making your folders in your iPad and then connect it to your desktop computer and start the "iFunBox".

Import lyrics and scores


If you have lots of lyrics and sheet music on your desktop computer, you must first convert them to the correct picture format, resolution and size.
Image should be JPEG files with the extension; jpg

The resolution should be
72 dots/inch.

Size must be 768 x 1024 pixels.
You can not use: PDF, GIF or PNG.
If you use the wrong size, your iPad have to convert sizes and it takes time.

  If you have done your text's in the correct format on your computer, you need to download a program called: iFunBox.
You must download it to your desktop computer and not to your iPad.
It' a free program and you can download it from:

iFunBox logo Once you have download iFunBox, plug in your iPad with your USB cord to your computer and start the program.
Under "App File Sharing", you will see:
"All My Songs".
Click on it and you will see all the bandfolders
you made in your iPad.
Just open one and there you put all your songs. Drag and drop!
To delete one song, hold "ctrl" and you will have one dropdown menu to select for example "Delete".


In the "1_Data" folder you will see exactly the same name you like before.
In thouse you can put all your "mp3" files and there you also have all the
"Set lists".

  The lyrics name and the mp3 name must be spelled exactly the same,
except for the suffixes; jpg and mp3.