The best way is to always have all your songs saved as a backup
in the same way in your desktop computer as in your iPad.

All songs, mp3, setlists, lyrics, notes etc.
are saved in a folder called "Documents".
So I make one on my desktop computer.

Inside my folder, it looks like this ...


I have one "1_Data" and five band folders.
In the band folders I save all my songs as JPEG-files.
If I open the "1_Data" folder you see that it's exactly
the same spelled band folders except for the "i_Data" folder


These folders named automatically when you wrote the band names.
If I open one of these, it looks like this.


Here are all the setlists, notes and the "mp3" -folder.


Now some rules for the MP3 and JPEG files.

As you can see, the names looks exactly the same, except for the endings.
The names are spelled the same and uppercase letters are in the same place.


If you have two or more pages, do the following.


If you have more then one paper the song title must end with
an underscore and a page number.
If you have three pages, the last one is called: "Hotel California_3.jpg".

The mp3 file must always start with "_1".

3mp3 If you have just one page and a mp3,
and you want to show the "bpm",
beats per minute for the Metronome.
You always need to have three digits as a metronome number.
So I use one zero in the beginning.

This is how I do it, if I have more than one page and want the metronome number.

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